About Us

Make whistleblowing great again! But how?

We need more people working in government to speak out and take action against President Trump’s flawed policies. This is not easy and can come with financial risks, so our mission is to help. If you are a whistleblower or a federal employee running a rogue social media account like @AltNatParkSer or @RogueNASA, we want to help. With money raised we will do the following:

  • Help whistleblowers with legal fees
  • Support whistleblowers by providing them with some supplemental income if they lose their job due to their efforts
  • Work the traditional media and social media on behalf of whistleblowers to help ensure the story told about their effort is fair and not filled with “alternative facts”
  • Redistribute money to individuals operating rogue federal agency accounts so their efforts can continue in earnest

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