We will be fighting side-by-side with people willing to stand up for what’s right. Unfortunately, too often early reporting – which at times includes “alternative facts” – is what determines if a whistleblower becomes famous or infamous. If we allow the people in power to control the narrative in the press or on social media we will lose the opportunity to expose the truth, inform the public and bring those breaking the law to justice. To achieve ultimate success we need to act quickly and decisively.

Members of the Trump administration and the President himself, have made their careers silencing those who dare to expose their true motives. Greed has become a power with more pull than freedom and free speech. In this country, we used to salute those who pulled back the curtains on the darkness of corruption, but in the current, post-truth, media landscape we often punish those who dare to upset the status quo and speak up (or speak out).

Trump’s election was just the beginning. His cabinet picks make us wish the news was fake: that a climate denier was not nominated to run the EPA, that Senator Sessions, an arch opponent of civil rights, human rights and immigration rights, may not be our next Attorney General, that the CEO of ExxonMobil has not been tapped to be the new Secretary of State, and that Trumps Chief strategist did not come from the swamp of the Alt-right, all under the shadow of the growing realization of the role the Russians played in putting their finger on the scale of this election.

There is no doubt that over the next four years, dubious dealings will be swept under the rug. That’s why we have created a group to help bring America back to its roots of strength and integrity. Defending Our Democracy is a group whose sole purpose is to provide support to whistleblowers and others inside the Trump government willing to stand up to him and his destructive policies.

We’ve already seen acts of bravery from people working at NASA, the EPA, National Parks and the State Department. We want to help ensure that their efforts remain a persistent voice speaking to all Americans.

We’ve already seen intimidation tactics on those working on climate change and LGBT rights. Defending Our Democracy will provide support to people working in the federal government who want to speak out. Our goal is to help by providing assistance in a number of ways including covering a portion of any legal fees incurred, supplementing income and providing support in navigating the public landscape. We have to stop turning these heroes, who speak the truth, into villains

To turn the corner as a country, to turn back toward honesty and decency, we need to shed light on those who dare to work against the rights promised to all Americans.

Help those defending our democracy by making whistleblowing great again.

Our Goals

We need more people working in government to speak out and take action against President Trump’s flawed policies. This is not easy and can come with financial risks, so our mission is to help.

If you are whistleblower or a federal employee running a rogue social media account like @AltNatParkSer or @RogueNASA we want to help.

With money raised we will do the following:

  • Help whistleblowers with legal fees
  • Support whistleblowers by providing them with some supplemental income if they lose their job due to their efforts
  • Work the traditional media and social media on behalf of whistleblowers to help ensure the story told about their effort is fair and not filled with “alternative facts”
  • Redistribute money to individuals operating rogue federal agency accounts so their efforts can continue in earnest

We will do everything possible to support people taking bold steps to protect our country, but we only have the capacity you help create. So, please donate to this effort. Also, you can buy one of our great T-shirts to help the cause. Please think – many hands make light work, when considering whether or not to donate. Any amount helps.